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We are Jenny & Michael and we live in Eastbourne
In 2015, we lost our 41 year old daughter – a wife, sister and mother to two boys then aged 10 and 8 years old
We were devastated and it knocked a hole in our world. We know we will never totally get over it and we miss her more than words can say
However, we have found that we have benefitted considerably by talking to others who have lost an adult child and this is why we have formed our friendship group, “Just Talking”
The pain of losing a child will never go away but it will become more bearable as time passes
Other parents who are experiencing a similar loss, whether recent or some time ago, will understand what you are going through and by talking to each other, we hope this will provide some comfort and, hopefully, will help you to cope at this life changing time
We do not offer counselling but just a friendly environment where you can informally meet other people in a relaxed atmosphere